A game created by fans, for fans

Game Story

You are a newly hired intern at Rooster Teeth Productions. It is the job you have always wanted and you are about to start your first day.

Help the cast and crew you know and love around the office performing humorous tasks. Go to conventions and help deal with all the fans and crowd. Will you be hired after your internship?

Game Style

The game is played in the style of old top down RPG games. You will have quests, earn money, upgrade abilities, and much more.

And yes, this game is not actually in 8-Bit. We don't really care.

Why am I creating this game?

I am currently a student in college about to graduate with my bachelors degree in computer science. One thing that I have learned is that you dont get all the hands on experience with programming that you would expect. I have taken C, C++, Java, and a few other programming classes and most of them are the same thing. Just basic programs that are usually some kind of financial based system. That is fine and good to learn, but I wanted to learn more. So I picked up a few books and started watching online course videos. I decided then I wanted to make a game. Not anything major, but I knew I wanted to do something that would be an 2D rpg, just to learn the mechanics and how to put together a game.

Can I help?

Quite possibly. There are a lot of things that need to be done with the game. Just send us an email about what skills you have and what you want to help with. We will see if we can fit you anywhere.

If you have stumbled across this and have an interest in helping create this game, fill out the form below.
Art, music, design, and just general game development could be helpful.
Just leave your name, email, and what you want to do and I may get back to you.

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